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From her earliest days on skates, Cassie Campbell-Pascall wanted to be a hockey player.

With a proud family sport tradition, and during an era when NHL stars were gaining international celebrity, Cassie couldn’t help but see a future as a professional hockey player. While professional women’s leagues have existed, they’ve never had the financial backing or infrastructure needed to gain the recognition and longevity that the players deserve.

This is why Cassie Campbell-Pascall is an advocate for a Women’s National Hockey League. A women’s league that exists under the NHL umbrella, that benefits from experienced marketing and organizational professionals, and that showcases women’s hockey talent from around the world is exactly the beacon that girls need to aim at when they are just starting out on skates. It’s important to Cassie and to girls on hockey teams across the country and internationally. “When my daughter grows up, I want her to have a choice to play professional hockey,” Cassie says.

The current landscape for women’s hockey is limited. With only a few national team spots available, older players have to bow out to make space for incoming talent. Players that don’t make the national team may choose to relocate to other countries or stop playing altogether. With the creation of the WNHL, there would be more spots, meaning more development, more ice time, better opportunities for learning, and overall elevation of the game, both professionally and during international competition.

“As a mother, daughter, Olympic champion, team leader, mentor and working professional, I believe that with opportunity, equality, and inclusion, women’s hockey provides young athletes with lifelong skills and visible role models who inspire them to dream big and chase their goals both within and outside of sport.”
-Cassie Campbell-Pascall

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